Digital TV service seeks to digitally transform its contract management function

ContractPod® announced today (25th July) its appointment by Freeview, the nation’s favourite digital TV service, as its preferred contract management system provider.
Freeview’s legal team will be using ContractPod® to put together a comprehensive end to end contract management strategy acting as a single touch point for contract automation, workflow/approval automation, Business Intelligence (BI) analytics and reporting. It will also act as Freeview’s main contract repository function powered by discovery level searchability for all contract documentation.
Freeview is the most watched digital TV service in the UK. Used by around 19 million homes, Freeview offers viewers subscription free access to 70 digital and 15 HD channels. A true household name, like so many of ContractPod®’s other clients, in 2015 it passed 100 million in sales.

ContractPod® has shown an excellent understanding of our contracting processes. Particularly impressive is the simple user interface and training offered. I am confident the new system will have a transformative effect on the overall contract management processes at Freeview.

says Rani Wynn, Head of Legal, Freeview.

We are delighted to be part of the next step on Freeview’s legal team digital transformation journey, as it commits to the same scale of digital transformation for its contract management function that it has delivered for the TV watching habits of so many households across the UK.

comments Sarvarth Misra, Founder and Director, ContractPod®.