Look beyond the hype of AI. ContractPodAi® uses complex technology to give you an end to end contract automation and lifecycle management solution.

But the benefits are simple: sidestep the burden of data entry and never miss a deadline again.


Now available as a standalone application, E:V® can read, interpret, analyse and report on key contract information.

Using cognitive technology from IBM Watson, E:V will help you achieve more with less.

How it works

01 Uses cognitive technology, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver higher levels of accuracy out of the box

02 The only artificially intelligent contract analyst to be paired with a fully comprehensive contract automation and lifecycle management tool

03 Trained by senior commercial lawyers – ContractPodAi® comes loaded “out of the box” with fully comprehensive features.



Interpret, analyse and report
on key contractual data


Automatically trigger intelligent workflows,
approvals and alerts


Remove the need for
manual data entry

What it does

  • Virtual contract analyst
  • AI chatbot
  • Extracts key legal obligations
  • Extracts important dates
  • Collaborates and shares contract analysis
  • Extracts contract and commercial info
  • Answers any questions you have about your contract

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